Baby im not like the rest ..

life is finally getting better, i can’t believe how hard i have had to fight for this guy im  seeing at the moment.. i dont know what to think of us but all i know is i want to be with him. i can feel that he needs a person in his life to change it for the better, i want to be that person to make him happy, i want to be the reason he wants to come back, and the best girl i can be for him. if he wants me to do something for him theres no problem, if he needs me to help him im there. i offer my own things to him all the time and make him delish meals. hahahah i like to spoil him cause i fee like he needs that in a girl and some one who can treat him right and he knows i care and would never even think of cheating or lying to him. BECAUSE THAT’S HOW I AM!

please notice my intentions soon and start treating me properly :) i could be everything you could ever want or need .. i may be hard to handle at my worst but if you cant handle me, you don’t deserve me at my best .. xo live love laugh